Womb Healing

When the womb is clear, through womb healing, and free from restrictions, a new discovery of orgasm can be allowed, experienced as a natural release of free expression. There are as many different types of orgasms as there are stars in the sky. They cannot be limited by definition or comparison to other women. – Anaiya Aon Prakasha

womb healing session Catherine Hale

As women many of us have forgotten our womb, and the wisdom she holds. We suffer from womb conditions, challenging pregnancy, limited experience of sacred sexuality and have relationships that don’t serve us. 

Who are these womb healing sessions for?

Women who:

  • want to develop a conscious connection with their wombs
  • want to access the deep wisdom that rests inside the womb
  • have experienced womb trauma, such as miscarriage, abortion, still birth, challenging pregnancy, ovarian or uterine: cysts, tumours, fibroids
  • women who experience challenging menstruation

The womb is the home the deep resting place within us. Its the gateway to the void, to the timeless essence of who we truly are. It is the seat of our creativity and is capable of birthing whatever it is we want to bring into the world: a child, a fulfilling sacred relationship, your soul’s purpose.

In my womb healing session I discovered I was still carrying my relationships to my two ex-husbands inside of me. I was shocked to witness the extent of their influence upon me. With catherine’s support I removed them from my womb and I’m now calling in sacred relationship with a beautiful man! – Nigella

How does the womb healing session work?

  • the session can be in Skype or in person
  • you will be guided into a connection with your womb using meditation practices
  • you will be supported to dialogue with your womb
  • you will be supported to feel whatever emotions you find so that it can be cleared from your body
  • you will clear the relational stories that are held within the womb
  • you will create space for whatever you want to bring into your life
  • energy healing of the womb (not available via Skype)

Many women only come into relationship with their womb once a month when they bleed or during the holding time of pregnancy. The rest of the time the womb is forgotten about, her power lying dormant while women struggle in their daily lives trying to live in the world from the head whilst remaining disconnected from the centre of gravity. Womb healing supports you to reclaim and connect with your deepest wisdom and nature.

What do I expect after a womb healing session?

  • greater awareness and access to the womb as your power centre
  • reduction in any symptoms you may have been experiencing
  • greater alignment with your purpose and access to more of your creative life force energy and feminine power
  • expanded sense of empowerment, groundeness and presence in your being
  • more space for the creation of the relationships you want to have in your life
  • reduction in the attitudes of the unhealthy masculine and a stronger connection between womb and heart
  • ability to connect more deeply to your sexuality and to experience more powerful orgasm


  • Skype calls: £80/ hour

In Person:

  • 1 hour session £80 Devon £100 London

Sessions in Devon take place at the beautiful Nautilus Rooms in Totnes.

Book a session: catherine@tantricawakening.org