“I have to confess I was a little worried to be disappointed with the session, since I have tried so many things in the past that were costly and not worthy or not effective in bringing about real and lasting transformation.
Yet this time, not only was I thrilled that I ‘found you’ on my own terms (not through friends or acquaintances) which made me feel that I do know how to guide myself alone (empowering) and also due to the fact that I really deeply appreciate your seriousness (yet lightness) and gentleness in the way you do your work.

The boundaries work has brought so much clarity, I can feel the impact on all areas of my life already starting to happen.

Thank you from my heart for this You are truly amazing.” ~ Luna

“I discovered a new and deeply embodied way to express myself and take responsibility for my own thoughts, feelings and pleasure” ~ AF
“In the energy orgasm workshop I found I could go deeper than before.”~ GH
“The best part of the energy orgasm workshop was the depth of authentic understanding, knowledge and care, thank you! ~ BP
“You may not know there was something missing in your life until you’ve done the energy orgasm workshop. Its life changing. Love, connection, unity at its very best!” ~ KD
“I felt pleasure without taking my clothes off in a space held and witnessed by another person. ~ HT
” After the session I experienced a greater sense of freedom and self-love”. ~RG
“Thank you Catherine.  I want to acknowledge how impressive you were at the weekend.  I have done a lot of workshops and have worked with some truly excellent facilitators – as well as some not so good ones.  You really do have a gift in holding the space and feeling into where the group is. I hope our paths cross again as I’d love to work more with you!” ~ Mandy
” Im so grateful for our session today I had no idea how backed up I had become by ignoring my sexual energy and sexuality.  Thank you for literally awakening me. I also wanted to thank you for your professionalism, energy, patience and approach. ~ R
“The energy orgasm workshop was liberating it took me to an expanded experience of pleasure!!” ~T
“The most enjoyable part of the day was releasing blocks that were stopping me getting in touch with my energetic body.” ~ A
 ” I have gained the ability to feel again. I have never been connected with my heart and now I feel amazing: open energised, excited and alive!” ~Henriette
“The most powerful part of the day for me was the last bit when I felt that I was someone else and I was in deep connection with them. I felt very emotional when I hugged one of the other women, it was really a watershed moment for me and so I really want to thank the other woman for being in that moment with me and sharing an unwavering commitment to that unfolding! ~ Samantha
“I loved the introduction to boundaries exercises and feel it was important part of the workshop, it enabled us to create a safe and respected space.” ~ Anna
“Catherine created a safe, supportive, boundaried space. I like that she just allowed.” ~ Amelia
” I gained a desire to treat myself better and to make more positive and healthy choices – including a new relationship with my ‘yes’ and ‘no’ and also a desire and confidence to go further and deeper!” ~ Kate
“The way Catherine held space and guided us was fantastic!” ~ R
“My experience of working with Catherine was a very happy one and in the workshop I gained a sense of friendship and community.” ~ Brett
” In the womb workshop I was reminded that I can trust my female sisters to support me in this work.” ~ Nisha
“I gained peace, new insight and affirmation from the energetic body orgasm workshop.” ~ LH
“The workshop was an amazing experiential self-learning about a part of my essence I had previously  felt unable to meet, around beauty and love. I experienced heart opening and a positive channeling of my sexual energies.” ~ AM
“I felt empowered to move energy through my body alone and with others.” ~ JC
” I realised I am more connected to my womb than I previously thought and also feeling more connection breathing from my heart to my yoni. I enjoyed the womb mandala and will do that again. ~ Bayari Beegan
” I felt uncomfortable at first but Catherine made me feel at ease and supported me to open up and be myself. After the womb workshop I felt empowered and more connected with my body!” ~ Eva Perkins
“I gained more confidence in the way that I’m working with myself and with partners. I learned to work with my boundaries both in my emotional expression, and the parts of myself I can bring to a group environment. Sex has always been a very private hidden thing for me so this was amazing.” ~ Poppy
” I enjoyed Catherine’s knowledge and wisdom. I found her to be gentle, inclusive and containing.” ~ Shelia
” In the womb medicine workshop I reconnected with my spiritual being. I found my womb is a place of many emotions and those can change and respond.” ~ Claudia Sartori

“I recently worked with Catherine and found her keen intuition and equanimity a wonderful aid for the work that we did together; Catherine made the uncomfortable bearable and her lovely calm way helped create an ambience of trust and openness.

The professionalism, hard work and follow up that she put in only helped me in my journey and i thoroughly enjoyed working with Catherine and would highly recommend her; she is a knowledgeable practitioner, insightful and someone who practices what she preaches. ” ~ Nikita 

 ” This was a great opportunity to work and release grief in a physical body way.” ~ Peter
” Catherine held the space really well. I felt very safe to explore without judgement. It was fun, not too serious whilst being to the point! A developed a deeper connection to my yoni which I feel I have often closed off. I got confirmation to slow down and to start listening to the whispers of my body. Thank you!!!”  ~ NO
 ” During the weekends workshop I gained a growing confidence to meet and be seen in my vulnerability. And in doing so to connect with and open my heart. Allowing myself to be seen, be safe and loved was very healing. ~ Rainbow
“I pushed my limits in a healthy way, being authentic to myself whilst doing something I’ve never done before.” ~ SJ
“I gained deeper healing of my heart and touching my wounds and blessings. Thank you!!” ~ J
” I saw my sweetness, my tenderness, and my spiritual sensuality. I released more shame, blocks and suffering and now there is space inside for my beautiful girl/woman to grow.” ~ CS
“Catherine has a deep understanding about female sexuality. I was nervous about the workshop but I soon felt safe and comfortable as Catherine held a gentle and understanding space. I gained sisterhood and extra understanding of my yoni.” ~ A
” I feel lighter and my body is tingling from head to toe. I’ve gained a deeper understanding of behaviours I use with my partner that I can now be conscious of.” ~ Leonie Ferrer
“Working with you was excellent, I like your clarity and great facilitation skills. ” ~ Klaudia
 “I feel I know my body much better and am more confident to explore further. I feel connected with my sisters, deepening my knowing we are all the same.” ~ Ruth
“My Yoni and I are getting to know each other and today, I feel more alive and less pain. Thank you.” ~ Fiona
“Catherine is a very intuitive and professional therapist. We shared a very healing session. I was helped to release a lot of buried resentment and pain. This has allowed me to love my self more and moved the relationship with my partner to a much more loving and tender place. I’m a very happy and lucky man.” ~ Chris
” I found you to be a wonderful, very clear, kind and loving facilitator.” ~ Kim Roberts
“I felt so energised after the session, it felt like a huge weight had been lifted from me. To feel the Love that you radiate showed me what I’ve been missing in my life for years. I want to have this in my life always.” ~ John
“Catherine has a gentle way about her which works really well with such a sensitive subject.” ~ CY

“I have seen Catherine in a personal session and experienced her as a workshop facilitator many times. As a teacher and healer, I have found Catherine to hold a deep, steady, clear and strong presence. She clearly has deep passion and commitment for her work and is able translate her knowledge and personal experience in a way that includes, informs and inspires others. In particular her work around educating women of the true nature of their anatomy, capacity for pleasure and finding deeper integration within their being.Within the healing space Catherine engages completely with what she is being presented with, and her approach is slow, deliberate and executed with the utmost care. In my personal session I was able to access difficult aspects which I prefer to hide and find difficult to trust others with. These aspects were not only welcomed by Catherine, they were revered.

Anyone on a journey of greater consciousness would be fortunate to encounter Catherine. I will be attending her sessions for some time to come yet.” ~ Vicki 

“In the energetic body orgasm workshop I learned I’m responsible for my own pleasure and I need to get out of my head to get my ego out of the way when giving to someone! Catherine is an open hearted, professional and gentle teacher. I felt safe and would recommend working with Catherine to anyone regardless of gender, age, ability and awareness.” ~ Dawn
“While initially apprehensive and nervous about such intimate work, Catherine’s warm and non-judgemental demeanour put me at ease surprisingly quickly. With Catherine’s help, in just a couple of sessions, I was able to release deep mental and physical blocks around sexuality that I have held on to for decades, and which have prevented me from having a truly fulfilling relationship. Catherine has opened me up to a whole new way of relating to sex – as a sacred practice – which is something I had unknowingly been looking for for many years.” ~ Mark

“Dear Catherine,

Thank you for the session the other night, I felt that I wanted to write something, to anchor the experience.

I have stalked for a long time – through many tantra workshops and sessions – this wounding in my yoni, since she first told me of penetrations happening to her, at a preverbal stage in my life. The healing that we found for this last night was by far the deepest I have experienced.

As we moved to the sacred spot massage, I realised that I had reached a limit to the pleasure I could experience at that point, because somewhere within me was a child’s vagina trapped in a spasm of trauma and pain. To call her in, this child – to feel her pain, to allow it to flow and express through my body, as she was penetrated – was quite revolutionary.

Experiencing wholly through my body what she had experienced, felt like lifting a veil, to finally reveal a truth, that my mind had often times tried to firmly shut the door on. In this total surrender to my inner child’s experience, I was able to wholly scoop her up, to unreservedly see and hold her.

It felt something akin to a soul retrieval, as I called back in this long lost part of the jigsaw of my being.

The final piece you guided me to, was to then reunite the whole constellation of inner masculine, feminine, and child – only this morning it is children, as there is a young girl and for the first time a boy too! The anchoring of this constellation in a gesture, has really helped me return to and wholly integrate the healing of the session.

Your intuition, guidance, holding and presence throughout this process, was by far the most skillful I have received from a Daka / Dakini, and there probably few as yet who can hold space for this depth of healing process, to arise in just a single session. I salute you!” ~ Cathy

 “Catherine facilitated a deeply profound and powerful awakening of masculine and feminine energies during my session. I can fully vouch for her integrity and ability to lovingly create a safe and nurturing space. Catherine intelligently and intuitively coached me in the art of cultivating and circulating my own sexual energy, I look forward to working with Catherine again.” ~ Joe Allen
“I felt so energised after the session, it felt like a huge weight had been lifted from me. To feel the Love that you radiate showed me what I’ve been missing in my life for years. I want to have this in my life always.” ~ John
 “I came in here tonight feeling like I couldn’t even close my eyes my head was spinning so much. In just a short time I felt so relaxed and in my ease with you. Thank you for your kindness, compassion and love in the session, you are a true priestess.” ~ Tony
“I enjoyed working with you very much and loved the space you helped me inhabit. I am fascinated by the feelings that arose within me and the colour sequence was amazing it was light but sent a beautiful ripple through me.” ~ Laurence
 “A brief note to offer a heartfelt thank you for welcoming me into your space yesterday. You really are a warm and intuitive being – I hugely appreciated your patience in what was for me a big and somewhat apprehensive step.” ~ Gerry
“With the Love and Presence radiating out from her inner core, Catherine in a magical and mystical way creates a Safe Space where love and respect, tenderness, gently weave and nourish body and soul, in an experience that is deep, and seems eternal. Her skills and techniques are instruments of the Heart, infused by deep Love, Wisdom, and Femininity. A fusion and experience to stay.” ~ Remco
“During the ritual I had a throat orgasm for the first time!!! When I connected with Catherine through our breathing and eye contact I started being in full body and soul ecstasy with waves of orgasmic and erotic energy free flowing effortlessly. The archetypes shiva-shakti perfectly blended and realizing bliss together. I saw Catherine, and I felt so much love, tenderness, grace and a blend of other feelings hard to put in words. It was so simple yet I experienced such a powerful incredible body and soul ecstasy.” ~ Max
“My session with Catherine was a surprise, I felt very comfortable, and it really woke my body to feeling more sensual, relaxed and loving to myself and others! I also experienced an orgasm in my lower belly which was a wonderful feeling of pleasure and giggling. All in all a great session, thank you Catherine.” ~ Niall
> “I valued the intention of orgasmic experience being dedicated to a bigger world picture. It fits well and comfortably with my ethics, values to be of service to the world.” ~ Jennifer