Sexual Healing Sessions London February 19th – 21st 2018

Sexual Healing Sessions London

Sexual healing sessions from the 19th – 21st February 2018

Sexual healing sessions, who are they for?

  •  Anyone who wants to explore their sexuality through a conscious/healing approach and to open up to connecting to more pleasure in their life!
  • I support clients with their sexual and relational life including:
    • Removing fear of intimacy
    • Feeling more sexually empowered
    • Creating a loving relationship
    • Learning about Tantric sex including Tantric orgasm
    • Clearing challenges around erectile dysfunction
    • Clearing challenges around inability to orgasm (anorgasmia)

How does the sexual healing session work?

Go to the sessions page to see the range of sessions that I have on offer, or just contact me and we can start the process of creating a bespoke session for you.

What do I expect after a session?

Ive had a number of sexual healing sessions with Catherine, each of which has led to some major releases-I feel that I am much more capable and less scared of relationships and my sexuality, and much less likely to make a problem bigger in my head than it actually is. I feel more in touch with my sexuality, and more aware of my boundaries than I have at any point in my life. – FA

Everyone comes to see me with their unique challenges. Ultimately my work is about freeing you from your fears, conditioning, shame and guilt around your sexuality so  you can reclaim your power as a sexual being and live the life you were meant to have!


  • 2 hours London £250
  • 3 hours London £300

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Female Sexual Awakening

Awakening Female Sexuality Catherine Hale

Female Sexual Awakening

Dear Catherine, I really can’t thank you enough for today. It was an incredible experience and I am excited about continuing the work you have proposed. Sarah

Who are these female sexual awakening sessions for?

Women who:

  • want to journey deeper into their sexuality
  • have difficulty having orgasm
  • have pelvic scar tissue from birth trauma, surgery or accidents
  • find themselves in unfulfilling relationships
  • find themselves saying ‘yes’ when they really want to say ‘no’ because they fear rejection
  •  desire to own their female sexual power
  • want to learn to ejaculate easily.

Magic happened!  I felt energy moving inside my body, generating in one place and moving to another. It was wonderful to experience how life force is not some kind of mystical thing out there, rather what was living inside me; what I was made of. – Zsaklin

How does the female sexual awakening session work?

  • Sessions can include body work and or energy work
  • You will be educated  about your anatomy of arousal
  • You will connect with and release old emotions stuck in your sex centre
  • Feel  deeply and create spaciousness  for the wisdom of the body to do its sacred intelligent work in healing so more pleasure and intimacy can be felt.

Catherine made the uncomfortable bearable and her lovely calm way helped create an ambience of trust and openness. – Nikita

What do I expect after a female sexual awakening session?

  • To feel more deeply than you have felt before
  • To feel free to express your desires
  • To be educated about female sexuality
  • To connect with the pleasure buried in the walls of the yoni
  • Have deeply satisfying sex regularly
  • Live in an empowered way and contribute to the well being of all including all life on Earth
  • Know where your G-spot is and how to stimulate it

My Yoni and I are getting to know each other and today I feel more alive and less pain. Thank you. Fiona


  • 2 hours Devon £200 or London £250
  • 3 hours Devon £250 or London £300
  • Community care sessions: I offer 2 sessions of two hours each week in Devon at the concessionary rate of £150. These sessions are for people local to Totnes who would otherwise not be able to afford my usual rate. I’m also offering 3 sessions a month at £100 to people who are experiencing challenging circumstances.

Sessions in Devon happen at the beautiful Nautilus Rooms in Totnes.

I got to connect with my body at a very deep level and I felt self-love and pure joy. – Jo

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Trauma Healing

healing trauma Catherine Hale

Trauma Healing

Who are these trauma healing sessions for?

Trauma healing is for anyone who has experienced an event in their life that was overwhelming at the time and hasn’t been able to integrate this experience. My focus is particularly around healing sexual trauma which can include:

  • rape
  • abuse
  • being exposed to sexuality at an inappropriate age
  • being shamed for your sexuality
  • abandonment
  • ridicule
  • harassment
  • any area where you felt sexual energy was present and you felt overwhelmed

Trauma is the most avoided, ignored, denied, misunderstood, and untreated cause of human suffering. It is the often debilitating symptoms that many people suffer from in the aftermath of perceived life-threatening or overwhelming experiences. –

Peter Levin (Trauma Expert)

How does a trauma healing session work?

The experience of trauma, whether its physical, emotional, or sexual abuse results in a loss of connection – to ourselves, to others, to the ground beneath us, to our bodies, our families and to the world around us.

As a consequence of trauma our choices become limited as we avoid certain feelings, people, situations and places. This constriction leads to a loss of vitality and costs us our freedom.

These trauma healing sessions start with where you are with no idea of forcing or pushing but instead using an approach that supports coming back into your body. Feeling and claiming your boundaries, and developing the capacity to feel everything including pleasure in a safe way. Allowing you to develop a deep intimacy with your-self, infused with confidence and self-love.


  • body work
  • energy work
  • breath practices
  • embodiment practices
  • TRE (trauma release exercises)

What to expect after a trauma healing session

  • greater ability to regulate your emotional responses
  • feeling calmer and more centered
  • a sense of freedom from the restrictions from the past, which can feel like you are lighter
  • more pleasure in your life
  • a growing experience of self-love
  • being able to have the type of sexual experiences you want to have


  • 1.5 hour session of just TRE in Devon is £75, in London £100
  • 2 hours Devon £200 or London £250 a mixture of trauma based healing
  • 3 hours Devon £250 or London £300 a mixture of trauma based healing
  • Community care sessions: I offer 2 sessions of two hours each week in Devon at the concessionary rate of £150. These sessions are for people local to Totnes who would otherwise not be able to afford my usual rate. I’m also offering 3 sessions a month at £100 to people who are experiencing challenging circumstances.

Sessions in Devon take place at the beautiful Nautilus Rooms in Totnes.

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