Tantric Flow: Letting Go ~ Bristol 9th June 2018

Tantric Flow: Letting Go

9th June 2018


Picton Street, Bristol, BS65QA

10am – 4pm

What is Tantric Flow?

Tantric Flow is a process which activates a flow of energy to move through your body, releasing and letting go of old trapped energies stored in key areas of the body, so that you feel more at ease, open and connected to your body. As a result sexual energy can move through your body, reducing sexual related challenges such as erection problems or lack of orgasm, and opening you to states of bliss and expansion.

What happens in a Tantric Flow workshop?

You will be guided through of process of movements taken from the TRE (Trauma Release Exercises) modality, to activate and open the body. These  movements are really simple, you don’t need to be a yogi to do them!!

We focus a lot on the psoas muscle, which is deep in the pelvis and can store energies related to trauma, and stress and for many people holds considerable tension. A tight or restricted psoas can impeded our sexuality creating challenges with erection, premature ejaculation, inability to orgasm, weak orgasms, and can store our feelings of fear.

psoas muscle

Getting the psoas moving and open is important for a healthy fulfilling sexuality.

In the workshop you will have the opportunity to: 

  •  Let go in a safe space
  •  Learn a self-help tool you can practice at home
  • Work by yourself focusing on your body
  • Be guided to find the pace that is right for you and your body
  • Learn how to stay present with your body and to feel more
  • Let go of stress, tension and trauma from the body

Who is Tantric Flow For?

This workshop is for everyone and anyone who wants to:

  • Change their relationship to their sexuality
  • Feel more sexually connected
  • Feel freer in your body
  • Wants to let go of fear
  • Wants to let go of trauma, stress and tension held in your body

Cost of Tantric Flow

The workshop is £70 for the day, and early bird price of £65 is available until 9th May 2018.

Please read my bookings and cancellation policy before booking.

Tantric Flow