Premature Ejaculation Coaching

What is premature ejaculation?

Premature ejaculation (PE) is men’s most prevalent sex problem and yet, being shrouded in shame and embarrassment, it’s not openly talked about. While men who experience impotence can visit their GP and get pharmaceutical support, they’re unlikely to receive any beneficial support for premature ejaculation.

Few men have been taught successful strategies for dealing with PE and the consequences can be devastating for many of them.  Resulting in: the avoidance of intimacy, blaming their partners, pretending its ok, when they know inside it isn’t, or just declaring its part of getting older and they must learn to live with it. All of which results in a lack of sex and intimacy, causing their well-being and the success of most intimate relationships to suffer.

Why does PE occur?

I see one of the main causes of PE is stress followed by inadequate sex education.  Often the prevalent approach to sex for many people is friction based with the goal of ejaculation. This is understandable as we are fed with a cultural diet of porn which is fast, friction based and genital based and focused on the goal of ejaculation. Whether you watch it or not, its deeply woven into the fabric of our collective consciousness and thus influences our relationship to our sexuality beyond what may be obvious.

I’d suffered from PE for over 10 years, I’d given up on it ever getting better until I read about Sexological Body Work and found Catherine. I can’t believe that it was in many ways so simple to resolve. I did my homework and was committed to changing my patterns with that determination I now have control again over my ejaculation. This is priceless to me, I feel like a man again. ~ Conor

Who are the premature ejaculation coaching sessions for?

For men who want to:

  • feel they have more control over when they ejaculate
  • have techniques they can share with a partner/s
  • let go of patterns of addiction to ejaculation and find new pathways to pleasure
  • change old patterns of self-touch
  • break addictive patterns of watching porn or being in fantasy
  • learn new ways to pleasure themselves and to expand their pleasure repertoire

How does a premature ejaculation coaching session work?

In a first session I will guide you through the skills you need to connect with your genitals in a new way. This includes knowing your sexual anatomy and working with breath, sound, movement and touch.

I will give you some home practice to do, and I’ll offer you some email coaching as you do the home practice.

The second session involves introducing more arousal in the body, whilst supporting you to stay below your point of no return.

Most men find after 2 sessions they feel much more empowered to control their ejaculation. Sometimes men continue with sessions to learn more about their sexuality.

I am qualified Sexological body-worker, a professional member of The Association of Somatic and Integrative Sexologists (ASIS) and I abide by the ACSB code of ethics.

What do I expect from a premature ejaculation coaching session?

  • to learn about your arousal network and how to move up and down it
  • to identify where your point of no return is and learn how to not go past it
  • to learn discrete skills of breath, sound and movement and how this influences your arousal levels
  • to expand your repertoire of touch and to explore the impact of touch on your body
  • to stay present with yourself without escaping into fantasy or into porn
  • to learn new pathways to pleasure and in doing so clear out shame
  • to learn about and experience different types of orgasm how to separate ejaculation from orgasm for people in male bodies
  • let go of embarrassment and shame around your sexuality


  • 2 hours Devon £200 or London £250
  • 3 hours Devon £250 or London £300
  • Community care sessions: I offer 2 sessions of two hours each week in Devon at the concessionary rate of £150. These sessions are for people local to Totnes who would otherwise not be able to afford my usual rate. I’m also offering 3 sessions a month at £100 to people who are experiencing challenging circumstances.

Sessions in Devon take place at the beautiful Nautilus Rooms in Totnes.

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Premature Ejaculation Support

Premature Ejaculation


Premature Ejaculation (PE) is men’s most prevalent sex problem and yet, being shrouded in shame and embarrassment, it’s not openly talked about. While men experiencing impotence can visit their GP and get some ‘blue pills’, they’re unlikely to receive any beneficial support for premature ejaculation.

As men get older the likelihood of PE increases, but few men have successful strategies for dealing with it; they often avoid intimacy, blame it on their partners, pretend its ok, when deep inside it isn’t, or just declare that is part of getting older and then must learn to live with it. All resulting in a lack of sex, which we all know is essential for our well-being and success of most intimate relationships.

Why does PE occur? Culturally many men are fed on a diet of porn leading it to become the chief sex educator in most western countries. Most porn is fast, genital, friction based and focused on the goal of ejaculation.

When we watch porn and masturbate at the same time essentially we’re programming our bodies to follow the same upward trajectory as we see on the screen. This puts huge pressure on our nervous systems by pushing us into sympathetic arousal leading to rapid ejaculation, the penis has no other choice!

premature ejaculation

The whole process is fed by our dopamine reward system, in that it feels good to ejaculate, so we keep on repeating the same habit and hard wire it into our neurology. What we are dealing with here is an addiction to ejaculation.

Like with all addictions, it is possible to break this habit, by committing to a practice that supports the creation of new pleasure pathways.

Learning how to regulate arousal with the breath, along with moving the pelvis to open it to create more space for sexual energy, combined with exploring new ways to touch the genitals and the whole body when engaging in masturbation is the way to the solution!

Men’s partners report the shift from goal orientated sex, to a more playful sex where ejaculation is a choice and the intention is intimacy, creates more fulfilling sex and happier longer-lasting partnerships.

I’ve been successfully working with men and couples supporting them to make this shift from premature ejaculation to ejaculatory choice by teaching them my ‘Ejaculatory Choice Program.’ Through which I’ve witnessed hugely successful results.

Now’s the time to make the changes and step into Ejaculatory Choice so you can have the fulfilling sexual experiences you’ve been longing for. If you want to discuss joining the program and having 1:1 coaching sessions with me then email:

Sexual Healing Sessions London 20th – 22nd March

Sexual Healing Sessions London

My next sessions in London after February are:  20th – 22nd March 2018.

Sexual healing sessions, who are they for?

  •  Anyone who wants to explore their sexuality through a conscious/healing educational and empowering approach and to open up to connecting to more pleasure in their life!
  • I support clients with their sexual and relational life including:
  • Removing fear of intimacy
  • Feeling more sexually empowered
  • Creating a loving relationship
  • Learning about Tantric sex including Tantric orgasm
  • Clearing challenges around erectile dysfunction including premature ejaculation
  • Clearing challenges around inability to orgasm (anorgasmia)

How does the sexual healing session work?

Go to the sessions page to see the range of sessions that I have on offer, or just contact me and we can start the process of creating a bespoke session for you.

What do I expect after a session?

Ive had a number of sexual healing sessions with Catherine, each of which has led to some major releases-I feel that I am much more capable and less scared of relationships and my sexuality, and much less likely to make a problem bigger in my head than it actually is. I feel more in touch with my sexuality, and more aware of my boundaries than I have at any point in my life. – FA

Everyone comes to see me with their unique challenges. Ultimately my work is about freeing you from your fears, conditioning, shame and guilt around your sexuality so  you can reclaim your power as a sexual being and live the life you were meant to have!


  • 2 hours London £250
  • 3 hours London £300

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