Female Anatomy of Arousal Talk 1st February ~ Dartington Devon


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Demystifying sexual anatomy

My passion is supporting women to claim back their sexuality, and I believe a solid foundation in understanding their sexual anatomy is key to this.

Have you ever wondered what really goes on ‘down there’?

The challenge many women face is being their sexual anatomy is tucked away inside of them, they don’t really know what they have or how it works.

Female Arousal Network

The female arousal network is a circuit of locations on the body each of which ‘light-up’ when we are touched there. The more places which are touched or connected to the higher the potential of arousal we feel.

Creating a Map of your Arousal

When we bring a visual map of our arousal network into our sexual play we can begin to create the type of sexual experiences that deeply satisfy us.

Read my Blog: Female Anatomy of Arousal: Diving Deep into the Unknown

Female Anatomy of Arousal Talk

In this female anatomy of arousal talk for people who love people with yoni’s (vaginas) I’ll be taking you on a tour of female sexual anatomy. Teaching how to locate each part and how it works, so that you can explore in your own time this new territory. There will be plenty of time to ask questions and this will be a lively and engaging evening. This is a fully clothed event.

The talk will be held at: Studio 33 at Dartington Hall, Dartington, Devon.

Timings: 7pm 9.30pm

Date: Thursday 1st February 2018

Tickets available at £15 full price and £10 concessions booking essential.

Please read my bookings and cancellation policy before booking.

Female Anatomy Of Arousal Talk






Anatomy of Arousal Workshop: Her Hidden Pleasure. Totnes 4th February 2018

4th February 2018

10am – 5pm

Wayfaring, Cott Road, Dartington

The Anatomy of Arousal workshop is an opportunity to get really informed about your sexuality, your arousal and your pleasure.

In the anatomy of arousal workshop Catherine was beautiful. She held a very safe space, and was authentic, open, honest and gentle. ~NK

What we will do

  • Learn about the structures of your sexual anatomy
  • Learn how your arousal network activates
  • There will be a chance to map your own sexual anatomy giving you new somatic references
  • Discover what gets in the way of your pleasure
  • Share this journey with other courageous women and collectively become more empowered sexual beings while celebrating our sexuality
  • Learn about the history of female sexuality and why so many of us carry a deep cultural fear that’s embedded in our psyche.
  • Collectively create a ritual of de-shaming and claiming back the beauty of our bodies
  • Have opportunity to ask lots of questions and to be supported with whatever arises for you during the day

Your boundaries will be completely honoured and you are encouraged to participate at whatever level feels right for you on the day.

The most powerful part of the day for me was the last bit when I felt that I was someone else and I was in deep connection with them. I felt very emotional when I hugged one of the other women, it was really a watershed moment for me and so I really want to thank the other woman for being in that moment with me and sharing an unwavering commitment to that unfolding! ~ Samantha

Come to the Talk

This workshop follows a talk on Female Anatomy of Arousal on Thursday 1st February, Dartington, 7- 9.30pm. Attendance at the talk is NOT compulsory for the workshop but  it will support your deepening throughout the day.

Read my blog on Female Arousal Anatomy: Diving Deep into the Unknown to get an overview on the topic.

My Passion

Through my work I see that many women have experienced some degree of shame, fear, abuse or pain around their sexuality. Through my own journey of claiming back my sexuality after sexual abuse my passion is to support women into awakening their sexuality and claiming back their capacity for pleasure!!


Early bird price of £45 till the 15th January thereafter £55.

This will be a small workshop with space for only 15 women.

Please read my bookings and cancellation policy before booking.

Anatomy of Arousal: Her Hidden Pleasure


Follow this link for directions to venue



Sexual Healing Sessions London 20th – 22nd March

Sexual Healing Sessions London

My next sessions in London after February are:  20th – 22nd March 2018.

Sexual healing sessions, who are they for?

  •  Anyone who wants to explore their sexuality through a conscious/healing educational and empowering approach and to open up to connecting to more pleasure in their life!
  • I support clients with their sexual and relational life including:
  • Removing fear of intimacy
  • Feeling more sexually empowered
  • Creating a loving relationship
  • Learning about Tantric sex including Tantric orgasm
  • Clearing challenges around erectile dysfunction including premature ejaculation
  • Clearing challenges around inability to orgasm (anorgasmia)

How does the sexual healing session work?

Go to the sessions page to see the range of sessions that I have on offer, or just contact me and we can start the process of creating a bespoke session for you.

What do I expect after a session?

Ive had a number of sexual healing sessions with Catherine, each of which has led to some major releases-I feel that I am much more capable and less scared of relationships and my sexuality, and much less likely to make a problem bigger in my head than it actually is. I feel more in touch with my sexuality, and more aware of my boundaries than I have at any point in my life. – FA

Everyone comes to see me with their unique challenges. Ultimately my work is about freeing you from your fears, conditioning, shame and guilt around your sexuality so  you can reclaim your power as a sexual being and live the life you were meant to have!


  • 2 hours London £250
  • 3 hours London £300

Book a session: catherine@tantricawakening.org