Tantric Path of Freedom

I felt so energised after the Tantric path of freedom session, it felt like a huge weight had been lifted from me. To feel the Love that you radiate showed me what I’ve been missing in my life for years. I want to have this in my life always. – John

Who are these Tantric path of freedom sessions for?

Men and women who want:

  • Freedom from the unfelt emotions which are stored in your body
  • Freedom from negative experiences of sexuality including the conditioning you have inherited from your families and cultures
  • Freedom from the pain of rejection
  • Freedom to express your boundaries
  • Freedom from feelings of  inadequacy
  • Freedom from judgement about performance
  • Freedom from pain and challenges from pelvic scar tissue, either from birth trauma, surgery or accidents


How does a Tantric path of freedom session work?

Each session is about empowerment, meaning its concerning  your consciousness and choice.

It’s about no longer just going along with others and what they do to you or tell you to do, no longer going along with your old conditioned patterns, but becoming more connected to yourself, your deeper fuller body~mind~heart~spirit~self, in every moment, especially the highly charged moments, able to choose what’s most true for you, and to trust it.

  • Your new client form is the starting point as this gives me information about you, what your challenges are and what support and direction you need to move in.
  • We identify the feelings and stories that limit you
  • We connect deeply with the body using  Breath, Sound and Movement
  • I use touch/energy work to open you to what is happening in this moment, feeling everything this evokes for you
  • You express the emotions and energies around the feelings and there Freedom is found!

Catherine facilitated a deeply profound and powerful awakening of masculine and feminine energies during my session. I can fully vouch for her integrity and ability to lovingly create a safe and nurturing space. Catherine intelligently and intuitively coached me in the art of cultivating and circulating my own sexual energy. – Joe Allen

In my Tantric Path of Freedom sessions, I emphasise this from early on: You are here to feel and let go of whatever you found too much to handle at the time. You are here to clear the backlog of the past. You are not here to add to what you currently suppress, so I start with your feelings, whatever you would tend to repress and suppress, that’s what we work with.

What do I expect after a Tantric path of freedom session?

  • More sexual energy or life force energy available to you
  • Greater capacity to feel pleasure
  • Greater acceptance of yourself as a sexual and loving being
  • Greater ability to connect and relate in a way that serves you.


  • 2 hours Devon £200 or London £250
  • 3 hours Devon £250 or London £300
  • Community care sessions: I offer 2 sessions of two hours each week in Devon at the concessionary rate of £150. These sessions are for people local to Totnes who would otherwise not be able to afford my usual rate. I’m also offering 3 sessions a month at £100 to people who are experiencing challenging circumstances.

Sessions in Devon take place at the beautiful Nautilus Rooms in Totnes.

Book a session: catherine@tantricawakening.org