Sexuality and Intimacy Retreats

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Who are sexuality and intimacy retreats for?

My sexuality and intimacy retreats are for anyone who needs some time out from their life to work through challenges they are facing in their relational or personal life including sexuality and intimacy.

In my years of working with people in workshops and individual sessions I see sometimes people need more time to journey through intense processes without having to worry about their daily tasks, especially when it comes to sexual healing.

It may be that you long for a safe space in which you are supported by someone who’s attention is fully present with your process. Someone who can hold the space in which you feel safe enough to explore areas which hold strong feelings like shame, guilt or pain.

The support has been amazing since my first e-mail! I have felt well loved and looked after and the whole set-up of the retreat made me feel relaxed and safe. Learning techniques that I can take forward to work into healing and integration feels really great. ~ Laura

Previous attendees have come to work on:

  • inability to orgasm
  • what it means to be a man
  • childhood wounding
  • overcoming trauma
  • life purpose
  • opening to sexuality
  • healing the separation between the masculine and feminine energies

I felt heard with everything I brought to the retreat – every word, every movement, every gesture, every piece of my story – all deeply listened to and woven into the process of my intensive. ~Fiona

How does a sexuality and intimacy retreat work?

Each sexuality and intimacy retreat is a bespoke package reflecting your individual needs including what you eat on retreat. Based in the Devon countryside in a location that’s chosen to meet your specific needs, each retreat lasts anywhere from 2 to 5 days.

The sexuality and intimacy retreats are fully immersive experiences where you will be guided through our bespoke programme by a team of highly trained therapists, healers and energy workers. The process will be flexible and constantly adjusted to make sure you get the support, guidance and healing you are longing for.

Previously, I have experienced a variety of other personal development programmes which worked at depth, but I have never been able to reach such personal depth and to be held at every level of my being – physically, emotionally, my thinking and spiritually. Never before, have I left a programme so richly resourced and empowered to support my being going forward. – JT

What to expect from a sexuality and intimacy retreat

We encourage you to take steps forward into challenging territory so you can deeply heal the pains of the past, in respect of your fears and supporting you to step towards freedom and love.

We work with you using a diverse approach including:

  • emotions
  • body work
  • shamanism
  • spirituality
  • energy healing
  • somatic sex education
  • sexual healing
  • trauma healing
  • ritual and ceremony
  • meditations
Catherine and Bart, I can not thank you enough for sharing all your expertise, presence and love with me. My two days were awesome and challenging at the same time. I now feel and know another part of me is integrating that was previously hidden. If you really want to have that amazing relationship with yourself and others this is for you.  Don’t wait!! – Alison  Chartered Physiotherapist

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Each sexuality and intimacy retreat is tailor made to meet your needs. So please contact me with your requirements so I can create a program with costs for you.