Sex Coaching Session: Let’s Talk About Sex

Let's Talk About Sex sex Coaching Catherine Hale


When talking about sex and any sexual challenges you may face, do you:

  • get embarrassed?
  • feel nervous?
  • feel awkward?
  • worry about what the other person may think of you?
  • think you are the only one who experiences this particular challenge around sexuality?

If you’ve answered yes to any of the above then sex coaching may be right for you.

For most of us approaching a conversation about sex is challenging. We fumble along trying to to get the conversation over and done with and are often left feeling that we couldn’t say what we wanted to say.

We often lack the information and education around sexuality that would make our sex lives so much more fulfilling.

Catherine made it so easy for me to talk about the challenges I was having. I’d been experiencing erectile dysfunction for many years and her guidance and acceptance of me was a total game changer!! Tim

Sex Coaching

How would it be for you to be met with openness, compassion, and non-judgment by someone who’s knowledgable about male and female sexuality? From someone who makes it their business to know the most up to date information about sexuality and who can offer you practical support, guidance and humour around your sexual challenges?

As a sex coach I’m passionate about demystifying sexuality, to free it from the clutches of shame, to bring it back to the place of sacredness and to support people in connecting with this powerful life force that streams through us!!!

What I have learned from Catherine about female sexual anatomy has amazed me, I only wish I’d known this earlier in my life! If you are thinking about booking a session don’t hesitate, your life will change!!- SP

I’m offering 1 hour sex coaching sessions for men and women.

Sex Coaching Session Cost

£80 a session by Skype or in person at the beautiful Nautilus Rooms in Totnes.

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