Surrender does not mean sacrificing your sovereignty or autonomy, it doesn’t mean allowing yourself to be defeated or controlled by another ego. It means letting go of the illusion that your ego is all powerful or all knowing. It is the only way I know to end the power struggle which so often sabotages our intimate relationships and our group efforts.
Deborah Taj Anapol

Share about your sexuality free of shame, talk about your challenges as a sexual being and be received with compassion and understanding. You'll also learn about the latest in sex education to make your sex life sizzling and fulfilling!!

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Let's Talk About Sex sex Coaching Catherine Hale

In learning to open more fully to the divine nature of the feminine that resides within all women there is the experience of surrendering into the mysteries of the yoni and her capacity to heal.

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Awakening Female Sexuality Catherine Hale

These sessions look at becoming free of the unfelt emotions which are stored in our bodies, especially those around our experiences of sexuality, by feeling and releasing them whilst being held in a safe and nurturing relationship.

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Tantric path of freedom

Menstraul empowerment is for women of all ages who want to learn about the menstrual cycle and how if affects them. Sessions are available for mothers or fathers with their daughters.

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menstrual empowerment coaching Catherine Hale

These sessions are designed for both men and women to increase the bodies capacity to experience bliss through creating expanded orgasms in the body.

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energetic body orgasm session

Womb healing sessions support you to clear out what gets in the way of accessing the deepest wisdom that lies within the depths of your own being.

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womb healing session Catherine Hale

Heal from the wounds of trauma by feeling and claiming your boundaries, and develop the capacity to feel everything including pleasure in a safe and gentle way.

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healing trauma session Catherine Hale

This programme is designed for couples who want to go deeper in their relating, to heal and transform their sexuality in a conscious and loving way.

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couples session Catherine Hale

Training for practitioners looking to learn boundary and consent skills, orgasmic energy skills, how to use sexual energy to heal, conscious touch, and female sexual anatomy.

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Practitioner training