Portugal Tantra Festival 12th – 17th June 2018

Portugal Tantra Festival 2018

Portugal Tantra Festival

Join me at the first Portugal Tantra Festival where I’ll be offering healing sessions, check my sessions page for the type of sessions available.

In June 2018 the beautiful hillsides of Awakeland in Portugal will be transformed into a vibrant festival celebrating the best of Tantra and free natural living.

portugal tantra festival location

You will be with a group of wonderful people in a place surrounded by beautiful nature, tasty vegetarian food and some of the best international & national facilitators who would be there to support you to join a 5 day experience to creating more intimacy in yourself, with life and in your relationships. Having a more vibrant and exciting life away from the normal constraints of our lives and minds. Meaningful and truthful, loving and blissful.

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Portugal Tantra Festival

During this festival there will be 4 tantra workshops per day with different levels of intimacy and depth to them. One large workshop facilitated with a male and female teacher and a smaller one held by one main teacher in English as well as some taught by more local dutch teachers.

You will be supported and catered for in your growth regardless whether you are arriving as couple wanting to deepen your connection or single and wishing to interact more with other participants. Self regulation and feedback are very much encouraged.

Very often the word “tantra” conjures up a range of ideas and myths that can make one a little nervous (or even put one off entirely) until you actually try it.