Menstrual Empowerment

Menstrual empowerment is an unfamiliar concept for most women. Often they consider their menstruation or moon time as an inconvenience that gets in the way of their lives. In adopting this attitude they miss to pay attention to the needs and inherent wisdom of their bodies.

menstrual empowerment coaching Catherine Hale

What if you were told that your bleeding is a sacred time, a time of deep introspection, a time to shed your responsibilities, to retreat to a special place, the moon lodge or red tent, with other women where you could share your wisdom, journey and dream?

I was suffering from terrible PMS and  had no idea about planning my life around my menstrual cycle , I was just carrying on regardless. In our session I learned to chart my cycle, and discover what my needs are in each phase. Since my session I  follow my flow using an ap and plan my life accordingly. I feel so empowered, I can use my cycle to know when are the times to take on a new project,  to take time out, to be social, even when to go shopping!!! Life has radically changed!! – DM

Who are these menstrual empowerment sessions for?

  • women who experience a menstrual cycle
  • women who experience PMS, irregular, painful, or somehow challenging menstruation
  • women who want to discover the power of menstruation
  • women who want to learn about menstruation as a spiritual path
  • women who want to celebrate menstruation with other women
  • teenagers and pre-teenagers who want to learn about menstruation

The flow of blood can be thought of as the monthly ‘clean out’ of not only the body but the mind and spirit….a good time to spend at home – just relaxing and letting go and clearing out. – Dr Christiane Northrup

What if you had received the support you needed when you first started to bleed? How would it have been for you to have your first bleed celebrated and considered to be a rite of passage into your womanhood? How different would you feel about your body if you had been given positive messages of approval, love beauty and acceptance instead of hiding your bleeding in shame?

How does a menstrual empowerment session work?

  • Education around the seasons of menstruation
  • Guidance on knowing your flow and how to plan your life around your cycle

What do I expect from a menstrual empowerment session?

  • To know how to chart your cycle
  • To be able to identify patterns within your cycle and what you need to take care of yourself based on the characteristic qualities of each of the four monthly phases
  • To experience less pain during menstruation
  • To connect with the sacred power of your menstrual cycle
  • To feel more empowered

When we make a decision to connect with our menstrual cycle, life becomes an adventure where we open up new horizons for living a fulfilling and empowered life.


  • Skype calls: £80/ hour

In Person:

  • 1 hour session £80 Devon £100 London

Sessions in Devon take place at the beautiful Nautilus Rooms in Totnes.

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