Emma Cunis Moon Lodge

Do you want to make positive changes to your lifestyle and health?

Meet Emma Cunis

Emma teaches macrobiotics, which is a system of self-healthcare and personal development. It is an effective dietary approach to many health problems and offers guidance on how to live in balance with our environment for lasting health.


emma cunis


She is an inspiring teacher, speaker, counsellor and practitioner of macrobiotics, a holistic system of self-healthcare and personal development.

Having transformed her own health and life, Emma Cunis feels passionately about offering the same opportunity to others.

Emma offers talks aimed at supporting women to understand their menstrual cycle in terms of what food they need to eat throughout the month so they can optimise their energy, health and well-being.

She will be at the Moon Lodge in Totnes on the 18th July, click for booking and more information about the moon lodge.

Women – do you suffer with monthly pain, cramps or PMT? Do you experience strong cravings; excessive fatigue; irregular, short or prolonged periods; or amenorrhea?


In my inspiring talk I will share how a few simple changes to your food, bodywork and lifestyle can have a positive effect on your cycles and emotions.

Mapping our monthly cycles to the Chinese Medicine ‘Five Elements’ theory offers valuable insight as well as practical application for transformation in our daily lives.