Couples Session


Who are these couples session for?

Most couples face challenges in their relationship at some point. I’ve created these bespoke couples sessions for couples wanting to go deeper in their relating, to shift from blaming and shaming and to heal and transform their wounding. To shift from co-dependent patterns of relating and to ultimately create a relationship that is healthy and serves love where you are both independent and yet you choose to be together.

I work with couples of all genders.

How does a couples session work?

Usually you will both meet with me for the first session where we decide upon a course of action based upon my suggestions. After this I may work with you individually or together, depending upon your specific needs.

A couples session can include:

  • Tantric meditations and rituals
  • active listening instruction and support
  • attunement exercises to explore how each of you is feeling
  • counselling
  • body work
  • energy work
  • sex education

What to expect from a couples session


  • Learn how to take full responsibility for who you are and how you feel
  • Identify the patterns which run you and how to change them
  • Dissolve all that gets in the way of your ecstatic self
  • Move out of co-dependency and into wholeness
  • Create more intimacy
  • Understand each other more as sexual beings and how to increase your pleasure

A relationship is like a bucket that you both hold. You each choose how much you can pour into it and whether you put holes in the bottom and let it all out. Taking care of the bucket requires time , care and attention.


Packages as well as individual sessions are available. Please connect with me to discuss your specific needs.

Sessions in Devon happen at the beautiful Nautilus Rooms in Totnes.

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