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Let's Talk About Sex sex Coaching Catherine Hale


When talking about sex and any sexual challenges you may face, do you:

  • get embarrassed?
  • feel nervous?
  • feel awkward?
  • worry about what the other person may think of you?
  • think you are the only one who experiences this particular challenge around sexuality?

If you’ve answered yes to any of the above then sex coaching may be right for you.

For most of us approaching a conversation about sex is challenging. We fumble along trying to to get the conversation over and done with and are often left feeling that we couldn’t say what we wanted to say.

We often lack the information and education around sexuality that would make our sex lives so much more fulfilling.

Catherine made it so easy for me to talk about the challenges I was having. I’d been experiencing erectile dysfunction for many years and her guidance and acceptance of me was a total game changer!! Tim

Sex Coaching

How would it be for you to be met with openness, compassion, and non-judgment by someone who’s knowledgable about male and female sexuality? From someone who makes it their business to know the most up to date information about sexuality and who can offer you practical support, guidance and humour around your sexual challenges?

As a sex coach I’m passionate about demystifying sexuality, to free it from the clutches of shame, to bring it back to the place of sacredness and to support people in connecting with this powerful life force that streams through us!!!

What I have learned from Catherine about female sexual anatomy has amazed me, I only wish I’d known this earlier in my life! If you are thinking about booking a session don’t hesitate, your life will change!!- SP

I’m offering 1 hour sex coaching sessions for men and women.

Sex Coaching Session Cost

£80 a session by Skype or in person at the beautiful Nautilus Rooms in Totnes.

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Sex Coaching Session: Let’s Talk About Sex

Awakening Female Sexuality Catherine Hale

Who are these female sexual awakening sessions for?

Women who:

  • want to journey deeper into their sexuality
  • have difficulty having orgasm
  • have pelvic scar tissue from birth trauma, surgery or accidents
  • find themselves in unfulfilling relationships
  • find themselves saying ‘yes’ when they really want to say ‘no’ because they fear rejection
  •  desire to own their female sexual power
  • want to learn to ejaculate easily.

Magic happened!  I felt energy moving inside my body, generating in one place and moving to another. It was wonderful to experience how life force is not some kind of mystical thing out there, rather what was living inside me; what I was made of. – Zsaklin

How does the female sexual awakening session work?

  • Sessions can include body work and or energy work
  • You will be educated  about your anatomy of arousal
  • You will connect with and release old emotions stuck in your sex centre
  • Feel  deeply and create spaciousness  for the wisdom of the body to do its sacred intelligent work in healing so more pleasure and intimacy can be felt.

Catherine made the uncomfortable bearable and her lovely calm way helped create an ambience of trust and openness. – Nikita

What do I expect after a female sexual awakening session?

  • To feel more deeply than you have felt before
  • To feel free to express your desires
  • To be educated about female sexuality
  • To connect with the pleasure buried in the walls of the yoni
  • Have deeply satisfying sex regularly
  • Live in an empowered way and contribute to the well being of all including all life on Earth
  • Know where your G-spot is and how to stimulate it

My Yoni and I are getting to know each other and today I feel more alive and less pain. Thank you. Fiona


  • 1.5 hours Devon £150 or London £200
  • 2 hours Devon £200 or London £250
  • 3 hours Devon £250 or London £300
  • Community care sessions: I offer 2 sessions of two hours each week in Devon at the concessionary rate of £150. These sessions are for people local to Totnes who would otherwise not be able to afford my usual rate. I’m also offering 3 sessions a month at £100 to people who are experiencing challenging circumstances.

Dear Catherine, I really can’t thank you enough for today. It was an incredible experience and I am excited about continuing the work you have proposed. Sarah

Sessions in Devon happen at the beautiful Nautilus Rooms in Totnes.

I got to connect with my body at a very deep level and I felt self-love and pure joy. – Jo

Book a session: catherine@tantricawakening.org

Female Sexual Awakening

I felt so energised after the Tantric path of freedom session, it felt like a huge weight had been lifted from me. To feel the Love that you radiate showed me what I’ve been missing in my life for years. I want to have this in my life always. – John

Who are these Tantric path of freedom sessions for?

Men and women who want:

  • Freedom from the unfelt emotions which are stored in your body
  • Freedom from negative experiences of sexuality including the conditioning you have inherited from your families and cultures
  • Freedom from the pain of rejection
  • Freedom to express your boundaries
  • Freedom from feelings of  inadequacy
  • Freedom from judgement about performance
  • Freedom from pain and challenges from pelvic scar tissue, either from birth trauma, surgery or accidents


How does a Tantric path of freedom session work?

  • Your new client form is the starting point as this gives me information about you, what your challenges are and what support and direction you need to move in.
  • We identify the feelings and stories that limit you
  • We connect deeply with the body using  Breath, Sound and Movement
  • I use touch/energy work to open you to what is happening in this moment, feeling everything this evokes for you
  • You express the emotions and energies around the feelings and there Freedom is found!

Catherine facilitated a deeply profound and powerful awakening of masculine and feminine energies during my session. I can fully vouch for her integrity and ability to lovingly create a safe and nurturing space. Catherine intelligently and intuitively coached me in the art of cultivating and circulating my own sexual energy. – Joe Allen

In my Tantric Path of Freedom sessions, I emphasise this from early on: You are here to feel and let go of whatever you found too much to handle at the time. You are here to clear the backlog of the past. You are not here to add to what you currently suppress, so I start with your feelings, whatever you would tend to repress and suppress, that’s what we work with.

What do I expect after a Tantric path of freedom session?

  • More sexual energy or life force energy available to you
  • Greater capacity to feel pleasure
  • Greater acceptance of yourself as a sexual and loving being
  • Greater ability to connect and relate in a way that serves you.


  • 1.5 hours Devon £150 or London £200
  • 2 hours Devon £200 or London £250
  • 3 hours Devon £250 or London £300
  • Community care sessions: I offer 2 sessions of two hours each week in Devon at the concessionary rate of £150. These sessions are for people local to Totnes who would otherwise not be able to afford my usual rate. I’m also offering 3 sessions a month at £100 to people who are experiencing challenging circumstances.

Sessions in Devon take place at the beautiful Nautilus Rooms in Totnes.

Book a session: catherine@tantricawakening.org

Tantric Path of Freedom

Menstrual empowerment is an unfamiliar concept for most women. Often they consider their menstruation or moon time as an inconvenience that gets in the way of their lives. In adopting this attitude they miss to pay attention to the needs and inherent wisdom of their bodies.

menstrual empowerment coaching Catherine Hale

What if you were told that your bleeding is a sacred time, a time of deep introspection, a time to shed your responsibilities, to retreat to a special place, the moon lodge or red tent, with other women where you could share your wisdom, journey and dream?

I was suffering from terrible PMS and  had no idea about planning my life around my menstrual cycle , I was just carrying on regardless. In our session I learned to chart my cycle, and discover what my needs are in each phase. Since my session I  follow my flow using an ap and plan my life accordingly. I feel so empowered, I can use my cycle to know when are the times to take on a new project,  to take time out, to be social, even when to go shopping!!! Life has radically changed!! – DM

Who are these menstrual empowerment sessions for?

  • women who experience a menstrual cycle
  • women who experience PMS, irregular, painful, or somehow challenging menstruation
  • women who want to discover the power of menstruation
  • women who want to learn about menstruation as a spiritual path
  • women who want to celebrate menstruation with other women
  • teenagers and pre-teenagers who want to learn about menstruation

The flow of blood can be thought of as the monthly ‘clean out’ of not only the body but the mind and spirit….a good time to spend at home – just relaxing and letting go and clearing out. – Dr Christiane Northrup

What if you had received the support you needed when you first started to bleed? How would it have been for you to have your first bleed celebrated and considered to be a rite of passage into your womanhood? How different would you feel about your body if you had been given positive messages of approval, love beauty and acceptance instead of hiding your bleeding in shame?

How does a menstrual empowerment session work?

  • Education around the seasons of menstruation
  • Guidance on knowing your flow and how to plan your life around your cycle

What do I expect from a menstrual empowerment session?

  • To know how to chart your cycle
  • To be able to identify patterns within your cycle and what you need to take care of yourself based on the characteristic qualities of each of the four monthly phases
  • To experience less pain during menstruation
  • To connect with the sacred power of your menstrual cycle
  • To feel more empowered

When we make a decision to connect with our menstrual cycle, life becomes an adventure where we open up new horizons for living a fulfilling and empowered life.


  • Skype calls: £80/ hour

In Person:

  • 1 hour session £80 Devon £100 London

Sessions in Devon take place at the beautiful Nautilus Rooms in Totnes.

Book a session: catherine@tantricawakening.org

Connect with other women and join the Menstruation Revolution on Face Book

Menstrual Empowerment

energy orgasm

After my energetic body orgasm session, I felt very comfortable, and it really woke my body to feeling more sensual, relaxed and loving to myself and others! I also experienced an orgasm in my lower belly which was a wonderful feeling of pleasure and giggling. – Niall

Who are these energetic body orgasm sessions for?

For both men and women to increase the body’s capacity to experience bliss through creating expanded orgasms in the body.

This concept of energetic body orgasm is beyond what current thinking believes orgasm to be. When being sexual most men believe that they can only have one orgasm; this is experience in the genital area and is partnered with ejaculation. Some women are able to have multiple orgasms but again these are focused in the genital area.

Watch my Energetic Body Orgasm video

How does the energetic body orgasm session work?

  • I work with your energetic and physical body using touch to activate and circulate your sexual energy
  • I support you in clearing old old and stuck energies from your body
  • I support your energy to flow through your body
  • I create space for orgasm to arise.

Read my interview in Kindred Spirit’s magazine about energetic body orgasm.

Some of you may wonder how on earth this happens? Well our bodies are filled with energy and electric charges and quite simply without it we would not be alive. Our sexual energy is one of the most obvious and powerful energies in the body. We notice it when we are getting aroused or “turned on”. An energetic body orgasm session requires that we move our energy from our sex centre or genitals to other parts of our body, when we do this we can have highly pleasurable orgasmic experiences in any body part.

An energetic body orgasm session is the most intense experience I’ve ever had. My whole body started shaking, which was a little unnerving, but I relaxed into it and experienced waves of intense bliss and pleasure in the most obscure parts of my body! I never knew I could orgasm in my throat. 

Read my article in the Huffington Post: The Full Body Energetic Orgasm: Revolutionise Your Sex Life

What do I expect after an energetic body orgasm session?

  • More pleasure and bliss
  • Deeper, fuller orgasm
  • Release of old energies from the body (including trauma)
  • Deep healing of the body at a profound level


  • 1.5 hours Devon £150 or London £200
  • 2 hours Devon £200 or London £250
  • 3 hours Devon £250 or London £300
  • Community care sessions: I offer 2 sessions of two hours each week in Devon at the concessionary rate of £150. These sessions are for people local to Totnes who would otherwise not be able to afford my usual rate. I’m also offering 3 sessions a month at £100 to people who are experiencing challenging circumstances.

Sessions in Devon take place at the beautiful Nautilus Rooms in Devon.

Book a session: catherine@tantricawakening.org

Energetic Body Orgasm

When the womb is clear, through womb healing, and free from restrictions, a new discovery of orgasm can be allowed, experienced as a natural release of free expression. There are as many different types of orgasms as there are stars in the sky. They cannot be limited by definition or comparison to other women. – Anaiya Aon Prakasha

womb healing session Catherine Hale

As women many of us have forgotten our womb, and the wisdom she holds. We suffer from womb conditions, challenging pregnancy, limited experience of sacred sexuality and have relationships that don’t serve us. 

Who are these womb healing sessions for?

Women who:

  • want to develop a conscious connection with their wombs
  • want to access the deep wisdom that rests inside the womb
  • have experienced womb trauma, such as miscarriage, abortion, still birth, challenging pregnancy, ovarian or uterine: cysts, tumours, fibroids
  • women who experience challenging menstruation

The womb is the home the deep resting place within us. Its the gateway to the void, to the timeless essence of who we truly are. It is the seat of our creativity and is capable of birthing whatever it is we want to bring into the world: a child, a fulfilling sacred relationship, your soul’s purpose.

In my womb healing session I discovered I was still carrying my relationships to my two ex-husbands inside of me. I was shocked to witness the extent of their influence upon me. With catherine’s support I removed them from my womb and I’m now calling in sacred relationship with a beautiful man! – Nigella

How does the womb healing session work?

  • the session can be in Skype or in person
  • you will be guided into a connection with your womb using meditation practices
  • you will be supported to dialogue with your womb
  • you will be supported to feel whatever emotions you find so that it can be cleared from your body
  • you will clear the relational stories that are held within the womb
  • you will create space for whatever you want to bring into your life
  • energy healing of the womb (not available via Skype)

Many women only come into relationship with their womb once a month when they bleed or during the holding time of pregnancy. The rest of the time the womb is forgotten about, her power lying dormant while women struggle in their daily lives trying to live in the world from the head whilst remaining disconnected from the centre of gravity. Womb healing supports you to reclaim and connect with your deepest wisdom and nature.

What do I expect after a womb healing session?

  • greater awareness and access to the womb as your power centre
  • reduction in any symptoms you may have been experiencing
  • greater alignment with your purpose and access to more of your creative life force energy and feminine power
  • expanded sense of empowerment, groundeness and presence in your being
  • more space for the creation of the relationships you want to have in your life
  • reduction in the attitudes of the unhealthy masculine and a stronger connection between womb and heart
  • ability to connect more deeply to your sexuality and to experience more powerful orgasm


  • Skype calls: £80/ hour

In Person:

  • 1 hour session £80 Devon £100 London

Sessions in Devon take place at the beautiful Nautilus Rooms in Totnes.

Book a session: catherine@tantricawakening.org

Womb Healing

healing trauma Catherine Hale

Who are these healing trauma sessions for?

Healing trauma is for anyone who has experienced an event in their life that was overwhelming at the time and hasn’t been able to integrate this experience. My focus is particularly around healing sexual trauma which can include:

  • rape
  • abuse
  • being exposed to sexuality at an inappropriate age
  • being shamed for your sexuality
  • abandonment
  • ridicule
  • harassment
  • any area where you felt sexual energy was present and you felt overwhelmed

Trauma is the most avoided, ignored, denied, misunderstood, and untreated cause of human suffering. It is the often debilitating symptoms that many people suffer from in the aftermath of perceived life-threatening or overwhelming experiences. –

Peter Levin (Trauma Expert)

How does a healing trauma session work?

The experience of trauma, whether its physical, emotional, or sexual abuse results in a loss of connection – to ourselves, to others, to the ground beneath us, to our bodies, our families and to the world around us.

As a consequence of trauma our choices become limited as we avoid certain feelings, people, situations and places. This constriction leads to a loss of vitality and costs us our freedom.

These healing trauma sessions start with where you are with no idea of forcing or pushing but instead using an approach that supports coming back into your body. Feeling and claiming your boundaries, and developing the capacity to feel everything including pleasure in a safe way. Allowing you to develop a deep intimacy with your self, infused with confidence and self-love.


  • body work
  • energy work
  • breath practices
  • embodiment practices

What to expect after a healing trauma session

  • greater ability to regulate your emotional responses
  • feeling calmer and more centered
  • a sense of freedom from the restrictions from the past, which can feel like you are lighter
  • more pleasure in your life
  • a growing experience of self-love
  • being able to have the type of sexual experiences you want to have


  • 1.5 hours Devon £150 or London £200
  • 2 hours Devon £200 or London £250
  • 3 hours Devon £250 or London £300
  • Community care sessions: I offer 2 sessions of two hours each week in Devon at the concessionary rate of £150. These sessions are for people local to Totnes who would otherwise not be able to afford my usual rate. I’m also offering 3 sessions a month at £100 to people who are experiencing challenging circumstances.

Sessions in Devon take place at the beautiful Nautilus Rooms in Totnes.

Book a session: catherine@tantricawakening.org

Healing Trauma


Who are these couples session for?

Most couples face challenges in their relationship at some point. I’ve created these bespoke couples sessions for couples wanting to go deeper in their relating, to shift from blaming and shaming and to heal and transform their wounding. To shift from co-dependent patterns of relating and to ultimately create a relationship that is healthy and serves love where you are both independent and yet you choose to be together.

How does a couples session work?

Usually you will both meet with me for the first session where we decide upon a course of action based upon my suggestions. After this I may work with you individually or together, depending upon your specific needs.

A couples session can include:

  • Tantric meditations and rituals
  • active listening instruction and support
  • attunement exercises to explore how each of you is feeling
  • counselling
  • body work
  • energy work
  • sex education

What to expect from a couples session

  • Learn how to take full responsibility for who you are and how you feel
  • Identify the patterns which run you and how to change them
  • Dissolve all that gets in the way of your ecstatic self
  • Move out of co-dependency and into wholeness
  • Create more intimacy
  • Understand each other more as sexual beings and how to increase your pleasure

A relationship is like a bucket that you both hold. You each choose how much you can pour into it and whether you put holes in the bottom and let it all out. Taking care of the bucket requires time , care and attention.


Packages as well as individual sessions are available. Please connect with me to discuss your specific needs.

Sessions in Devon can happen at the beautiful Nautilus Rooms in Totnes, depending on your needs.

Book a session: catherine@tantricawakening.org

Couples Session

Practitioner training

Who are these practitioner training sessions for?

They are for male and female practitioners who work in the areas of: massage, therapy, counselling, body work, energy work, physiotherapy and other people in the healing professions.

I offer practitioner training to develop your professional skills in the following areas:

  • Consent and boundaries
  • How to include sexuality into your healing practice
  • Using sexual energy as a healing modality
  • Orgasmic energy healing
  • Conscious touch
  • Female sexual anatomy and arousal

How do practitioner training sessions work?

  • They can be done 1:1 or in small groups
  • A programme created specifically for your learning needs
  • You will be taught using embodied practices, energy work, and body work where appropriate
  • Due to size of the groups you will receive enough 1:1 attention to feel completely supported
  • You will have the opportunity to have ongoing Skype support as part of a mentoring service
  • I offer them either in Totnes in Devon or there I times when I travel to other localities.

What to expect after a practitioner training

  • More confidence with how you touch your clients
  • An ability to apply boundaries in your work and feel less burned out or depleted after a session
  • Know how to work with your clients boundaries and always remain in consent
  • More resources to be able to deal with your clients needs
  • A shift in your own personal shame, guilt and fear around sexuality
  • More enjoyment in your own sexuality!


Connect with me via email to discuss all your needs and I will create a bespoke package at a price that works for you.


Practitioner Training