Catherine Hale Sex Coaching

I’m Catherine: A Sexual Shamanic Healer and Empowerment

Many people ask what does a Sexual Shamanic Healer & Empowerment Coach do?

I support you to come into connection with your body by feeling the sensations and emotions that the body is constantly communicating with you.

Awaken Your Sexuality and Live an Empowered Life!

  • I support  your sexual and relational life
  • I fill the gaps in your sexual and relational education
  • I support you to release the fear guilt and shame you hold around sexuality
  • I direct you to become a more powerful being who lives in abundance
  • I deal with sex without any shame, blame, negative judgements or beliefs so that you can talk about what challenges you
  •  I support you moving towards greater pleasure and fulfilment in your life.

My aim is your empowerment by teaching you to access Freedom, Love and Choices informed through greater consciousness.

People ask me what happens in a session?

I always start with asking you to complete a new client form. This gives me some background information about you, your sexual and relational history and why  you want to work with me.

In a session we always start with talking, this gives me away in to feel what is happening for you and to sense where the energy in your body is stuck or restricted.

I support you to use breath, sound and movement to come into a deeper relationship with the sensations and emotions in your body. If we are working in person I will also sometimes use touch and energy work to support you. In this way you can access he pain in your body with full support, with love and presence so that the pain can be healed. Once this happens the space that remains in infused with love.

Some of my sessions include intimate body work. This is done with a discussion around boundaries and consent so that the person receiving is always in total agreement to what happens and knows they can stop the session at any time.

I work gently, supporting you to expand but not taking you into a place of terror as this serves to contract the body, which is the opposite of what we want!!

My presence is open and loving, and my work is deeply transformative. With focused intention, clear intuition and total acceptance, I invite my clients to open fully to being powerful.

I want to help you to become all that you are by integrating the shadow of sexuality into the light of Truth.

Listen to my You Tube Radio Interview: My Journey as A Sexual Shamanic Healer

My Training

On my long personal spiritual path of transformation I have undergone many initiatory experiences with shaman, spiritual masters and yogis; all enabling me to deepen my intuition, and to discover the wisdom of sisterhood and brotherhood.

My training has been wide and varied, including:

  • Sexological Body Worker and Somatic Sex educator Certified
  • Trauma Release Exercises Certified Provider
  • Psychospiritual Psychotherapy
  • Tantric Temple Arts, Energy Orgasm
  • Shamanic Energy Healing
  • Sacred Sexuality
  • Emotional Release
  • Recovering from Trauma
  • Embodiment Practices

I Love My Work. Let Me Share My Passion With You 

Regardless of which gendered body we are in we contain a feminine and a masculine essence a yin and a yang. The focus of my work is supporting you to come back into a healthy relationship with both your masculine and your feminine essence.

In healing the feminine we live a more fulfilled life, characterised by feelings of being an alive, juicy, sexual being free of guilt, fear and shame. Competition and jealousy will fall away. Low-self worth will be replaced with high esteem and open hearted relating; living with ease and fluidity, our nurturing actions will benefit all. Women become sisters empowering each other and supporting the growth of emotional intelligence. She stands as queen.

In healing the masculine we step out of unhealthy power structures, from dominance into leadership; from self-serving individuals to community builders. Present in body and in heart, with a warrior spirit ready to stand for what we believe in. The truth is paramount, and consciousness is clear free of judgment. He stands as king.

Together the masculine and feminine rise in sacred union, and we journey into the depths of the beloved.