Catherine Hale

Who I Am

I’m Catherine: A Sexual Shamanic Healer, Energy Worker and Sexual Empowerment Coach.

Awaken Your Sexuality and Live an Empowered Life!

I support you in your sexual and relational life. I fill in the gaps in your sexual and relational education, support you to release the fear guilt and shame you hold, direct you to becoming a more powerful being who lives in abundance. I deal with sex without any shame, blame, negative judgements or beliefs so that you are able to talk about what challenges you and I support you moving towards greater pleasure and fulfilment in your life.

My aim is your empowerment by teaching you to access Freedom, Love and Choices informed through greater consciousness.

My presence is open, compassionate and loving, and my work is deep and transformative. With focused intention, clear intuition and total acceptance, I invite my clients to open fully to their greatest sovereign potential.

I want to help you to become all that you are by integrating the shadow of sexuality into the light of Truth.